Why drinking cafeine-free is crucial for humanity

Aug 9, 2022

For years caffeine has been linked to sleeping disorders, mental health issues, being a psychoactive drug for feeling numbed, stressed and even burned out or depressed. Research shows that mainly 85% of all health related problems are linked to sleep disruption and the healthy brain-gut relationship. 

Sleep and healthy nutrition is essential for optimized function of the body and mind. By disrupting the energy flow and natural sleeping cycle by using stimulating substances, such as cafeine, we chemically disrupt hormones in our body that provide melatonin. That causes restlessness, overthinking at night and even total disfunction during your day. 

How to transform an entire Starbucks addicted generation zipping soda’s and energy drinks all-day-every day? It all starts with one zip at the time. 

Drinking is hardwired in our DNA. The first thing we did when being born? We crawled to the breast to drink. Babies have this instinctive automatic reflex to feed through nursing right after birth. Drinking not only feeds them, but also makes them feel safe, to calm down, warm up, as a pain relief and helps them fall asleep. 

That is why every thing starts with drinking, life starts with drinking, change starts with drinking. Drinking is more than just a habit 8x times a day. Not only give you the nutritional value or hydration, but also improve your mood, your mindset and your overall wellbeing! Clean drinking habits can change your life! 

Swap your caffeine and sugar sweeten beverages and start drinking Predator, our wild adaptogenic sparkling water. Enjoy and feel the benefit. A great addition on your keto, vegan or intermittent fasting routine. Replace your coffee addiction with wild grown mushrooms and start to notice the difference it will make, night and day. 

We are happy to answer questions or help you adjust! Drop below how you think clean drinking habits could help you and get others inspired ⬇️